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We are Buying & Sourcing Agents.Helping Global Retailers, Wholesalers & Premium Home improvement brands to source directly from Indian factories.We provide end to end solutions, Customized as per your sourcing needs.-Product Sourcing & Development-Vendor Evaluation-Merchandising-Quality Control-Shipping Co-ordinationWe deal in Home Furnishing, Floor Coverings, Gift Wares, Christmas, House Wares, Bathroom Accessories, Kitchen Accessories, Storage Accessories, Garden Decor, Hand Tools, Decorative Hardware, Lighting, Vintage Reproductions, Furniture.Please visit rashibuying dot net for more details.Inkoper, Inkoopagent, Sourcing agent, Indische inkoopagent, Indische sourcing agent, Indische Procurement Agent, Moradabad inkoopagent, Het kopen van Office, Procurement Office, Sourcing Office, Indian Kopen Office, Indische Sourcing Office, Indische Procurement Office,Moradabad Kopen Office, Indkøbsagent, Opkøb Agent, Sourcing Agent, Indian indkøbsagentIndian Sourcing Agent, Indian indkøbsagent, Moradabad indkøbsagent, Opkøb Office, Indkøb Kontor, Sourcing Office, Indian Køb Office, Indian Sourcing Office, Indian Indkøb KontorMoradabad Køb Office, Indkøb repræsentant rep, Hankintojen Agent,Ostoagentti, Sourcing AgentIntian ostoagentti, Intian Sourcing Agent, Intian hankinnat Agent, Moradabad ostoagenttiOstaminen Office, Hankinnoista vastaavan viraston, Hankinta Office, Intian ostaminen OfficeIntian Hankinta Office, Intian hankinnoista vastaavan viraston, Moradabad ostaminen OfficeOsto edustaja edustaja rep. , Agent d'approvisionnement, Agent d'achat, Sourcing Agent, Agent d'achat indienne, Indian Sourcing Agent, Agent d'approvisionnement indiennes, Agent d'achat Moradabad, Bureau d'achat, Bureau des marchés, Sourcing Office, Bureau d'achat, indienne, Indian Sourcing Office, Bureau des marchés indiens, Bureau d'achat MoradabadAchats rep rep représentant.


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Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer

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1. Garden Products: Awnings, Composters, Fences, Garden Furniture, Garden Fertilizers, Garden Decorations, Garden Equipment, Garden Floors, Garden Fountains, Garden Hoses, etc


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